Loyola University Chicago

Chicago Center

View Courses Online

To view classes, you will need to use Loyola University Chicago’s online platform called LOCUS. To view courses using LOCUS follow these steps starting at the Loyola University Chicago homepage 

  1. One you are at the LUC homepage, navigate to the upright corner and click on the “LOCUS” link
  2. In a new window you will see a maroon box in the top loft corner. Within this box, click on the “Guest Access to LOCUS” link
  3. You will see new content slide into this box
  4. Click on the first link within the box called "Browse the Course Catalog"
  5.  In a new page, you will see the academic disciplines listed in alphabetical order
  6. Select on a discipline and a drop down of available courses will populate
  7. Click on the class to view course descriptions, credit hours, prerequisite requirements, and more! 

Further instructions for viewing classes can be found at "How to Choose your Classes"