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Pre-Arrival Checklist

Pre-Arrival Checklist

By checking your e-mail provided by Loyola University Chicago (LUC), you will receive important updates about the Chicago Center Program and what is happening at LUC.

For information on how to access your LUC e-mail account, visit Stage 1 of the Technology Roadmap.

Your I-20 will be mailed to your home institution as soon as it is processed. Please e-mail Marian Carlson (mcarl2@luc.edu) with any questions regarding your visa application or visit the Office for International Programs page.

Provide this mailing address below to anyone at home that will want to send you cards, letters and packages. Mailed items should be addressed as follows:

Your name (first, middle and last)

6317 N. Broadway Ave.

Chicago, IL, 60660

When you have arrived in the U.S., purchasing stamps and mailing items back home is simple and you will have plenty of resources near the International House.

Chicago Center students arriving between 8am and 6pm on arrival day will be pick-up from the airport by a Chicago Center staff member. See "Airport Pick-Up" for more information 

During your time at Loyola you will be required to use Loyola online system for university services. This system is known as LOCUS. Many of the items on your "pre-arrival" checklist will require you to use LOCUS.

This link will bring you to Loyola's "Technology Road Map". This road map is designed to help you become familiar with Loyola's online systems including LOCUS and Loyola's email services. Please follow the directions on the website to learn more about Loyola's online systems.

Before working in LOCUS, you will have to access your account with the following information that has been provided to you in an e-mail already:

  • Your Universal ID (UVID)
  • Your temporary password

 You will then have to change your password by following these steps:

  1. Go to Loyola's home page (www.luc.edu);
  2. Click on LINKS on the upper right corner of the screen;
  3. Click on Personal Account Manager;
  4. Click on the yellow keys to change your Loyola network and account password.

**Please note this will also give you access to your Loyola e-mail account which can be found on Loyola's home page under LINKS. There is a specific section that says "email". If you have any problems logging in or changing your password, e-mail the Help Desk at helpdesk@luc.edu

Before beginning your experience in Chicago, you will be required to pay your program fee, which you should pay as soon as possible. Remember that this program fee includes: your tuition for classes, housing, meal plan, and the two academic excursion trips. This program fee does not include: other expenses such as fees for certain classes (concerns should be discussed with your academic advisor), bank fees, room damage fees at the end of semester if your room is damages, or books for classes.

*This fee amount reflects the Chicago Center Program fee for Fall 2018. The fee is subject to change.

For the fall 2018 semester, you can submit payment from July 15th to August 5th. Payments made after August 5th are subject to late fees.  Please be sure to check your LOCUS account for an accurate balance and keep in mind that your bill may not be correct until your are fully enrolled.  Questions or concerns regarding payment should be directed to the Office of the Bursar

There are two primary methods of paying your program fee:

Payment Option 1: Wire Transfer

The easiest and most cost effective option for paying your program fee is by using a system called FlyWire.  Within the portal, you will be able to submit your payment to Loyola University Chicago, track your funds as they are delivered, and get immediate assistance as questions arise.  Please be advised that some students may be required to submit additional materials within FlyWire including a program acceptance letter or proof of program fee. 

After you submit payment please send us an email at chicagocenter@LUC.edu confirming that the payment was sent.

Payment Option 2: Credit Card

You can make a payment using a Credit Card by signing into your LOCUS account. Please be warned that if you pay with credit card you will be required to pay an additional 2.85% fee. In order to make a payment using a credit card through LOCUS you must start by going to luc.edu/locus. Sign into your LOCUS account, then click the campus finances button. Once you click the campus finance button you must next click the 'make a payment' button. You can then follow the instructions on the screen to complete your payment. Here is a video which explains additional information about making payments through LOCUS http://luc.edu/technologyroadmap/stage4/campusfinancesoverviewandaccountsummary/

Payments must be made prior to arrival if possible. If you need to make a payment after arrival please let the Chicago Center staff know. Please do not bring the tuition fee payment in CASH as it is dangerous to bring that much cash with you while traveling.



To ensure that you enroll in your top class choices, please register soon! See the Course Registration Instructions for an overview on how to register. Upon arriving at Loyola you will be assigned an academic advisor who can help you with adjusting your schedule.

When selecting your classes, please remember that all Chicago Center students are required to enroll in SOCL 125, "Chicago: Growth of a Metropolis" This class will meet on Friday afternoons at 4:15pm at Water Tower Campus.

All Loyola students are required to have certain immunizations prior to beginning their time in Chicago. The required immunization list can be found here.

All students are required* to submit the Immunization Records form which is attached. Unfortunately this form cannot be accept through email. This form must submitted to Loyola's Wellness Center via fax (773-508-8790), through the postal mail (Wellness Center, 6439 North Sheridan Road, Chicago, IL 60626), or in person after arriving in Chicago.
* Students that arrive in Chicago without proof the proper vaccinations will be required to get the vaccinations at the Wellness Center at Loyola.

To help you prepare for your semester at Loyola University Chicago, you will need to complete a pre-arrival checklist prior to arrival.  Once you receive your Chicago Center acceptance letter, a staff member will email with instructions on how to complete this checklist.