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Ambassador Participation

The Chicago Center Ambassador program gives alumni the opportunity to creatively show & tell stories from their time abroad as well as engage with prospective students interested in studying abroad at Loyola University Chicago. Ambassadors will earn points that can be redeemed for prizes depending on the activities selected.  Each time an Ambassador completes one of the listed activities they will receive points that are redeemable for prizes.

A 100 point minimum is required to become an official ambassador.  After alumni have reached 100 points, they will receive an Ambassador welcome packet and will be featured on the Chicago Center website. Ambassadors can continue to accumulate points to be redeemed for additional prizes such as Loyola swag and Chicago memorabilia.

Students should email ChicagoCenter@luc.edu with the required proof of activity as outlined in the activities list below.  A staff member will reply with confirmation on points earned and total points accumulated for that ambassador. It is the responsibility of the ambassador to email the Chicago Center to gain proof of a completed activity.

Have an idea of a possible participation activity? Send us an email. We’d be happy to hear new ideas for Ambassadors to be active and engaged alumni.

To Visit Becoming an Ambassador

To Visit Ambassador Prizes and Swag


This activity is required.

Every Ambassador will create a public profile for the Chicago Center Website. Profiles will include the Ambassador's name, home country, home university, favorite thing to do at Loyola, favorite thing to do in Chicago, and most impactful thing related to the Chicago Center. Profiles will also include the projects and other activities (such as flyers, blog posts, etc.) that Ambassadors create.


Ambassadors will have the option to include their contact information so prospective students can connect to them directly. Ambassadors may chose which contact platform(s) they would like to use.


Public Profile Without Contact Information - 15 points

Public Profile With Contact Information - 25 points

Ambassadors engage with the Chiago Center on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  For points, ambassadors should post original content or tag the Chicago Center 


Proof: The Ambassador the Chicago Center staff will be checking the social media accounts to see the activity and to ensure everything posted is appropriate. Ambassadors are also required to screen shot and email the post to the Chicago Center for credit. 


Social Media Post - 5 points (per post)

If Ambassadors decide to provide their email or other platform information they can respond to questions and inquiries from prospective students.


Proof: the Ambassador must to copy the Chicago Center (chicagocenter@luc.edu) on the Email or take send a screenshot of the interaction if they did not use email.


Responding to Students - 20 points

If you made a travel blog during your time at the Chicago Center you can send us a link so it can be shared on the Ambassador page under your profile.


Proof: the Ambassador will have to send the link of the blog to the Chicago Center.


Travel Blog Link - 40 points

Ambassadors can post Chicago Center flyers around their institution to promote the Chicago Center. Ambassadors will have to learn how to get approval to hang flyers posted in their institution.


Proof: the Ambassador will have to provide pictures of the posters hanging at their institution along with the confirmation of the proper permission to post the flyers.


Post our Flyers - 50 points

If a Chicago Center Staff member is going to be at your institution for a presentation, Ambassadors can join them and they can share their experience with interested students.


Proof: the Ambassador will have to show up to where the presentation is taking place and the Chicago Center staff will mark it as complete.


Join Staff Member in Presentation - 50 points

Ambassadors can connect the Chicago Center to a faculty or staff member at your institution with the intention of having a presentation on campus or creating a partnership with your university. This option is intended for students at a university where Loyola does not currently have a partnership or with faculty members from a department that does not currently work with the Chicago Center.


Proof: the Ambassador will have to send an email introducing Chicago Center staff to someone at their institution to being the connection. Alternatively the ambassador may have the faculty or staff member from their university contact the Chicago Center and mention the name of the Ambassador made the connection.


Connect Chicago Center to Someone at Your School - 60 points

Ambassadors can attend Study Abroad Fairs at their institution and represent the Chicago Center. Collect the names and emails of the students you talk to and send them to the Chicago Center


Proof: the Ambassador will have to take a picture of themselves at the fair and send a list of names and emails of students they talked with at the fair.


Study Abroad Fair - 70 points

Ambassadors can make Photo Essays with three annotated photos to describe their time at the Chicago Center, activities they did, and ways they were impacted.


Proof: the Ambassador will have to send the photo essay (or link to it) to the Chicago Center.


Photo Essay - 70 points

Ambassadors can make a Compilation Video including many different videos or photos of their time at the Chicago Center. Videos must be at least 1 minute in length.


Proof: the Ambassador will have to send the video (or link to it) to the Chicago Center.


Compilation Video - 70 points

Ambassadors can scheduled an interview with a Chicago Center staff member to give a testimonial about your experience at Loyola and participating in the Chicago Center. The staff member who does the interview will have a set of questions to ask you to answer and the testimonial will be recorded.


Proof: the Chicago Center staff member will mark you down for the task after completing the interview.


Interview Testimonial - 100 points

Ambassadors can make their own Chicago Center Flyers in their native language to be shared across with their own and other institutions to promote the Chicago Center. Ambassadors must get approval from Chicago Center Staff member on final product. Multiple versions may be required.


Proof: the Ambassador will have to send a digital copy of the flyer to the Chicago Center via email.


Create a Flyer - 150 points

Ambassadors can have a professional video testimonial done to highlight certain experiences and opinions on the Chicago Center. The Ambassador will need to work with the Chicago Center to decide what should be put in the video. The video will have to meet certain requirements.


Proof: the Ambassador will need to have the final video sent to the Chicago Center.


Video Testimonial - 150 points

Ambassadors can host their own presentation (without a Loyola staff member) to give at their institution. This can be done on campus with permission from staff at their university or inside of a classroom with permission from a faculty member.


Proof:  The Ambassador will have to provide a copy of the presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.), photo of themselves at the presentationsdetails of when and where the presentation took place, and a list of names and emails of interested students.


Host Own Presentation - 200 points