Children and Youth Navigating Systems Alone

The Center for the Human Rights of Children advances our mission to represent, coordinate, and stimulate efforts to understand, protect, and apply the rights of children both in the U.S. and around the world. Currently, there is a humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied children migrating alone to the US, fleeing violence, abuse, conflict, neglect, and poverty. Relatedly, in developing countries, drought, disease, and political conflict have created increasingly larger population of social and parentless youth. Current efforts to assist and understand orphan youth often focus on youth children, with adolescents often navigating systems and transitioning into adulthood without the proper resources or support, facing immense challenges and risks. We are working to resolve these issues via an active agenda of interdisciplinary research and scholarship, advocacy, outreach, and service. Other global activities include faculty and student research fellowships, immersion programs, and project development designed to address critical and contemporary children’s rights issues across the globe. Read more about our work in these areas below:

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