Trafficking of Native People

There are approximately 101,451 Native persons living in Illinois.  Yet despite this large number, awareness about human trafficking of Native persons is low, as well as the availability of culturally-informed services for Native trafficking survivors.

In response to this need for education and services, the American Indian Center of Chicago and the Center for the Human Rights of Children (CHRC) at Loyola University Chicago have partnered to provide comprehensive services to Native victims and survivors of labor and sex trafficking through the Native Trafficking Project (

CHRC offers legal assistance to trafficked Native children and youth, including educational advocacy, health- and mental health-related representation, child welfare representation, and criminal/juvenile record expungement.  We offer these services in tandem with the American Indian Center, which provides both adult and minor clients with case management and holistic, culturally-informed healing services.  CHRC and the American Indian Center also provide training on identifying and serving Native human trafficking victims.  CHRC and the American Indian Center strive to increase the awareness of trafficking within the Native population in Chicago and Illinois, and to develop a comprehensive, culturally-informed referral network.

Questions about the program or have a referral? Please contact or call 773.508.8050.