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Human Trafficking in the United States: Special Issues Concerning Children

This interdisciplinary seminar will explore legal, social, and practical issues confronting human trafficking survivors (both foreign nationals and citizens) within the United States, with an emphasis on child survivors. The seminar will begin with an overview of legal systems affecting survivors of human trafficking (including international law, US criminal and immigration law, and child welfare systems), and explore case management issues and techniques by social service providers. Students will conduct interviews, draft an affidavit (law students), a letter of support and/or needs assessment (social work students), and a policy brief. Students will be graded on team and individual written assignments, as well as class participation. The class is open to law students and graduate-level social work students.

Fall 2018

Wednesdays, Noon–2 p.m., Room 1201 Corboy Law Center

Law students: 2 credits, 10 weeks; LAW 249 Sec 001
Social Work students: 3 credits, 9 weeks; SOWK 634: Special Topics
Instructor: Katherine Kaufka Walts, JD, Director, Center for the Human Rights of Children (law)