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Addressing Environmental Gentrification: Improving Environmental Health for Children and Youth without Displacement (2018)

This research brief authored by CHRC Faculty Fellows Tania Schusler, PhD, Institute of Environmental Sustainability, Loyola University Chicago and Amy Krings, PhD, School of Social Work, Loyola University Chicago aims to discuss how gentrification can lead to the possibility of displacement, which can pose serious threats to the emotional and academic wellbeing of children. Additionally, it will consider how community members and policies might improve environmental amenities within contaminated communities without displacing existing residents.  

Unaccompanied Immigrant Child and Family/Sponsor Community Service System Study (2018) 

This research report authored by CHRC Associate Director Adam Avrushin, PhD, JD and CHRC Faculty Fellow Maria Vidal de Haymes, PhD seeks to (1) address research gaps relevant to services for unaccompanied immigrant children within the Chicago metropolitan area, and (2) provide relevant information to stakeholders who can strengthen the systems that support these young people. This report provides an overview of this research project, background information and findings from the study. To date, no research has examined these young people and their families who live in the Chicago metropolitan area, their needs, or the services and systems that can, potentially, meet their needs.


Supporting Newcomer Students: A Chicago-Specific Exploration of Social and Emotional Learning Initiatives (2018) 

Due to the large number of immigrant children and families within its borders as well as its sanctuary jurisdiction, the city of Chicago serves as an ideal case study towards investigating specialized services for one of its most vulnerable subpopulations of children, primarily the development needs of its immigrant children. The desired outcome for this non-exhaustive research brief is to provide empirical evidence and best practices for Chicago community and school specialists seeking to support the social and emotional needs of their newcomer student population.

Sex Trafficking of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth in the United States (2018)

This reasearch brief by CHRC Graduate Scholar Meaghan Tomasiewicz summarizes the existing literature as it relates to transgender and non-binary youth whose experiences meet the definition of sex trafficking under federal law, including the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (2000) and subsequent reauthorizations. By drawing upon research from the fields of health, medicine, social work, gay and lesbian studies, queer theory, and law, this work identifies risk factors faced by transgender and non-binary youth and the population-specific considerations that need to be made by service providers working in the anti-trafficking field. 

Education Access for Unaccompanied Immigrant Children (2017)

This research brief by Deidra Coleman and Adam Avrushin, JD, PhD is a non-exhaustive summary of peer-reviewed evidence related to a children’s rights topic, intended to highlight areas for policy and advocacy work. 

Child Labor Trafficking in the U.S.: A Hidden Crime‌ (2017)

This peer-reviewed journal article, written by CHRC Director Katherine Kaufka Walts, is published in Social Inclusion. It details the history and current status of child labor trafficking in the United States.

Children ’s Exposure to Environmental Toxins: Socioeconomic Factors and Subsequent Effects on Mental Health and Function (2017)

This research brief by Center Graduate Assistant Dorothy McLeod summarizes some of the most recent research on environmental toxins, including their effects on child mental health and function, the impact of socioeconomic factors on these effects, and some possible policy solutions.

OPSC Alternative Report: An NGO Response to the Periodic report of the United States of America to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Concerning the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution, and Child Pornography. (2016)

A Review of Needs and Challenges Facing Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Released into U.S. Communities (2016)

This research brief by Center Graduate Assistant Dorothy McLeod traces the reasons for the uptick in UAC arrivals in the US and follows the UACs' journey to address the challenges they face once beginning their lives in America. The document aims to synthesize information about UACs needs and resources from a variety of disciplines and to present research-backed conclusions about what additional research still needs to be conducted.

Crossing the Border Alone‌Crossing the Border Alone: Catholic Responses to Unaccompanied Children Migrating to the United States (2016)

Who are the children migrating to the United States by themselves, and why do they leave their home countries?  How have their human rights as children been violated before, during, and after their journey?  What protection should unaccompanied children be given based on international law, and why should Catholics be responsible to take action?  As a result of the 2015-2016 CHRC Faculty Fellowship, this document provides background information on unaccompanied children, an analysis of children’s human rights violations, and Catholic frameworks that amplify the need to protect this most vulnerable migrant population.

Healthy Homes Summit Report  (2015)

The Center for the Human Rights of Children is a part of Loyola University’s Healthy Homes & Healthy Communities Initiative (HHHCI), which held a Healthy Homes Summit in June of last year. The report of the summit's proceedings has now been published and is available for review. 


Policy Brief: Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families (2015)

The attached policy brief summarizes and briefly reviews the Preventing Sex Trafficking & Strengthening Families Act of 2014.

CHRC L‌egal Services Assessment for Trafficked Children (2013)

The CHRC released a Legal Needs Assessment Study for Trafficked Children in August 2013.  Children impacted by human trafficking require a multitude of services, including legal services. In the attached report, you will find the results of a CHRC led research project seeking to better understand the legal services landscape for trafficked children, including gaps in legal services, as well as opportunities for improving outcomes, using Cook County, Illinois as a case study. The project also included input from service providers around the country for a national comparison. We hope the results of our project help inform stakeholders working on this important issue.

Letter of Allegation Regarding the Closing of 49 Public Elementary Schools in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America (2013)

Loyola University Chicago's, Center for the Human Rights of Children in collaboration with the University of Chicago Law School's International Human Rights Clinic and The Midwest Coalition for Human Rights, submitted this letter to the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights at the United Nations.  The letter is in response to the mass school closings in Chicago, Illinois in 2013 and is available to read here.

2012 CHRC/Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights Alternative Report (2012)

An NGO response to the Periodic Report of the United States of American‌‌ to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Concerning the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography.‌

Human Trafficking County Report (2012)

Promising Criminal Justice Practices in Human Trafficking Cases: A County-Level Comparative Overview (2005-2010), with special emphasis on cases involving children - by Angela Inzano, Child Rights Legal Fellow for the Center for the Human Rights of Children from 2011-2012.

This document reviews and analyzes counties comparable to Cook County, in order to identify best practices, challenges and efforts that have led to successful human trafficking case outcomes.

Building Child Welfare Response to Child Trafficking Handbook (2011)

A handbook providing forms, protocols, and policy considerations for incorporating child trafficking identification and response mechanisms into public and private child welfare systems, using Illinois as a case study.

Human Trafficking and Exploitation of Children and Youth in the United States Outcome Document
(2012 Update)

Outcomes of the proceedings of the National Conference on "Child Trafficking and Exploitation in the United States" convened at Loyola University Chicago, September 22-23, 2011.

Children's Rights are Human Rights

An introductory handbook for students and professionals interested in becoming better educated about children's human rights by Claire Bedard, Loyola University Press, 73 pages. Single copies of this book are available for free from the Center for the Human Rights of Children by emailing our Administrative Assistant, Swapna Pisipati. Multiple copies are available for a nominal fee.

A Child's Right to a Healthy Environment

Edited by James Garbarino & Garry Sigman - 2010 - 235 pages

This volume was published as part of the Center for the Human Rights of Children 2008 Symposium, "A Child's Right to a Healthy Environment."

And Words Can Hurt Forever: How to Protect Adolescents from Bullying

by James Garbarino & Ellen DeLara - 2002 - 256 pages

Parents Under Siege: Why you are the Solution, Not the Problem in Your Child

by James Garbarino and Claire Bedard - 2001 - 272 pages

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