Post-Election Resources

The CHRC works to protect and advance the rights of all children and youth, especially those that are marginalized. The 2016 Presidential election is consequential, and has caused fear and concern among many communities, including immigrants. This page contains resources that may be helpful for individuals responding to the outcomes of the election, whether they be Loyola students, undocumented families, parents/professors looking to talk to their children, or anyone else. 

For a comprehensive list of resources at Loyola, Chicago, and nation-wide, please click CHRC Post-Election PDF

For a comprehensive and up-to-date list of immigration-related resources, see Penn State Law's "Immigration after the Election" page here.

For a list of Chicago-area health providers and locations that provide physical and mental health services to all, regardless of immigration status, please see this app.

For a list of resources compiled by Lurie Children's Hospital's Center for Childhood Resilience and the IL Child Trauma Coalition, please click Lurie Post-Election Resources.