Previous Staff Members

Administrative Assistants:
Aggeliki Gikas
Swapna Pisipati
YearFellows, Faculty:Project
2014–2015 Julia Pryce, PhD Orphan and Vulnerable Child
2011–2012 Terry Northcut, PhD African Children's Rights
2008–2009 Noah Sobe, PhD Post-Communist Transition and Children's Educational Rights in Central/East Europe
  James Garbarino, Ph.D. Senior Faculty Fellow
YearFellows, Student:Project
  Amanda Crews Healthy Homes
  David Doyle  
2012 Amy Gilbert Orphan Youth Project
  Angela Inzano  
  Natnael Moges  
2014 Jade Gary Child Trafficking
2015 Jeanne Murray  
2016 Alison Davis Child Trafficking
  Patrick CoatarPeter Environmental Toxins and Child Health
YearGraduate Assistants:
2010–2013 Catherine Lee
2012–2013 Adrian Segura
2013–2014 Sara Dakuras
2014-2017 Dorothy McLeod
  Lincoln Hill
  Jaclyn Ellwein
  Carrie Seleman
Dominique Covington, 2010
C. Maeve Kendall
Alana O'Reilly, Spring 2012
Michael Wilk
Jack Wolf, Summer/Fall 2013
Jaye Hobart, 2015-2016
Project Coordinators:
Samantha Thoma, Transitions Project
Lindo Rio Reichmann, Consultant
Kristen Okrzesik, Orphan and Vulnerable Children Project