Loyola University Chicago

Department of Classical Studies


Jennifer Finn

Title/s:  Associate Professor and Chair

Office #:  Crown Center 579

Phone: 773.508.3660

Email: jfinn4@luc.edu


B.A., University of Michigan
M.A., Columbia University
M.A., University of Michigan
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Ph.D., Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat

Research Interests

Ancient Near East, Alexander the Great, ancient warfare

Selected Publications

Books and Articles:

  • Much Ado about Marduk: Questioning Discourses of Royalty in First Millennium Mesopotamian Literature (Berlin: de Gruyter, 2017).
  • Contested Pasts: A Determinist History of Alexander the Great in the Roman Empire. University of Michigan Press (forthcoming, 2022).
  • “The Center of the Earth in Ancient Thought.” Journal of Ancient Near Eastern History 4 nos.1-2, 2017 (177-209).
  • “Herodotus’ Poor Man of Nippur.” Classical World 112.2, 2019 (13-38).
  • “The Ship of Aeneas.” The Ancient History Bulletin 34.1-2, 2020 (1-24).
  • “Plutarch’s Themistocles: The Serpent of Hellas.” Histos 14, 2020 (185-205).
  • “Persian Collections: Center and Periphery at Achaemenid Imperial Capitals.” Studia Orientalis (forthcoming).

Recent Papers:

  • “One House Left Standing: Negotiating Dynastic Identity in the Conquest of Empire.” Invited Workshop Presenter at the University of Chicago (November 2018).
  • “The Ship of Aeneas.” Presented at the annual meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians (April 2019).
  • “Making a Third Space in Susa: Achaemenid Displays of the Periphery in the Center.” Invited Workshop Presenter for the Conference on Ancient Empires, Helsinki, Finland (August 2019).
  • “Near Eastern Military Empires and the Origins of Fake News in the Ancient World.” Workshop Organizer and Presenter, The Many Faces of War V, South Dakota State University (October 2019); invited lecturer at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Center for the Study of Origins (October 2020).
  • “The Unruinable City in the Ancient Near East.” Invited workshop presenter at the annual meeting of the American Society for Oriental Research (November 2020).
  • “The Hoplite Enigma: Ancient Persian War Strategy and its Failures.” Invited Workshop Presenter, Conference on Ancient Military Strategy at Quantico (November 2021).

Works in Progress:

  • Editor, Brill’s Companion to Courage and Cowardice in Ancient Mediterranean Warfare
  • “Lies and Deceit in Ancient Near Eastern Warfare.” Forthcoming in Lies, Trickery, and Deceit in Ancient Conflict.
  • “Alexander’s Military Propaganda.” Forthcoming in Brill’s Companion to Alexander the Great’s Military Strategy.
  • The Unruinable City in the Ancient World (book project).