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Classics Organizations

Can't get enough Classical Studies? These online resources provide more information for careerists and the generally interested.

  • Society for Classical Studies: the umbrella professional organization for American classicists.
  • American Classical League: professional and non-professional association of persons committed to preserving and advancing awareness of the classical tradition of Greece and Rome. This organization is especially useful for people who want to work in the undersupplied field of high-school Latin teachers.
  • National Junior Classical League: an organization of middle school and high school students -the largest Classical association in the world- sponsored by the American Classical League. Its purpose is to encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the language, literature, and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and to impart an understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of Classical antiquity.
  • Classical Association of the Middle West and South: an organization of university, college, secondary and elementary teachers of Latin, Greek and all other studies which focus on the world of classical antiquity. The biggest regional organization of Classicists, it's virtually national. This organization too is very important for high-school Latin teachers.
  • Association of Ancient Historians: professional organization for college and university professors of ancient history.
  • Archaeological Institute of America: the oldest and largest archaeological association in North America, for both professionals and interested non-specialists, including New World as well as Classical archaeology.

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