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‌CHANGE is a sponsored student organization in collaboration with the Wellness Center. CHANGE's mission is to create inclusive and critical spaces to challenge norms, further prevention, and empower survivors of gender-based violence.

CHANGE makers are Loyola students who want to help make Loyola a safer place. They meet regularly to create programming around prevention, awareness, and response to gender-based violence. 

CHANGE accepts applications every fall semester. Click here to fill out an application.

Absolutely! Everyone comes to this group with different levels of knowledge. All that's required is a desire to make a difference. All members are required to attend an eight hour training at the beginning of each semester to better understand the topic. 

The CHANGE general committee meets weekly on Thursday evenings for one hour. The CHANGE Executive Board meets weekly. Time commitment outside of meetings vary depending on the time of year and programs that are happening. The heaviest time for programs will be October, January, and April. All CHANGE makers are expected to attend their own programs. 

CHANGE is primarily responsible for putting on evocative, innovative, and dymanic events for students on various topics related to gender-based violence. From trainings, speakers, parties, self-care events, interactive art exhibits, and more, CHANGE does it all!