Loyola University Chicago



LeViis Haney

School of Education Commencement Address

Principal, Joseph Lovett Elementary School

LeViis A. Haney (EdD ’11), a Chicago native, has made the transformation of urban schools his life’s work. A former Chicago Public School (CPS) student, Dr. Haney graduated from Archbishop Joseph Weber High School. At Northeastern Illinois University, he received a bachelor’s degree in history and secondary education with a middle school endorsement and a master’s degree in educational administration and supervision. In 2011, he earned a Doctor of Education in Administration and Supervision degree from Loyola University Chicago.

An Alliance to Reform Education Leadership (AREL) spotlight principal, Dr. Haney has extensive experience in school redesign and technology integration. As an assistant principal, he led a team that won a multimillion-dollar grant to convert Spencer Elementary School from a math and science academy to a technology academy.

Currently as principal of Joseph Lovett Elementary School, Dr. Haney has led the school through a 1:1 student technology initiative as well as several school redesign initiatives including CPS Personalized Learning Advancing Youth (P.L.A.Y), The Chicago Public Education Fund’s Summer Design Program, LEAP Pilot Network, and LEAP Breakthrough Schools whole school redesign—all while maintaining impressive gains in reading and math. Dr. Haney believes the key to student success is rooted in the premise that in order to produce lifelong learners, students should “love learning.”

In addition to his professional career, Dr. Haney also owns and manages several properties in underserved communities, with the goal of providing high-quality living options at an affordable cost for people with low income. He enjoys doing carpentry work in many of those buildings.  He also builds and maintains computers and delivers motivational speeches to high school students, including seminars on nutrition and health.

Dr. Haney maintains his connection with the School of Education as an active member of the Dean’s Advisory Council and a participant in alumni events.