Sustainability is an important value at Loyola. As part of our mission of social justice and our role as Chicago’s Jesuit, Catholic University, we are mindful of our impact. Here are a few of the ways our sustainability initiatives manifest themselves during the Commencement season:

Environment and Social Responsibility Pledge

All Loyola graduates are invited to participate in the annual graduation pledge. This pledge was adopted by the Dean’s Council in 2020 following a resolution by Student Government. As an institution with a deep history of social and environmental justice, the students wanted to engage their peers with a commitment to take these values into their future careers and endeavors. All students are given the opportunity to take the pledge listed below.

“I pledge to reflect deeply and critically upon the social and environmental impacts of all my endeavors. I will aspire to create a just, humane, and sustainable world for all people through my work, my community, and my actions.”