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Brooke Hendricks

See how a Loyola degree helped them stand out, succeed

In today’s economy, recent college graduates face fierce competition for jobs and positions in graduate and professional schools. Here are six members of Loyola’s Class of 2016 who definitely stand out from the crowd.

Brooke Hendricks

Major: Biology
Job: Community health advocate for Jesuit Volunteers Corps in Syracuse, NY

Talk a little about your job and what you’ll be doing.
I’ll be working for the non-profit agency ACR Health. I’ll coordinate a food pantry and organize health educational initiatives targeting LGBTQ youth and people in addiction recovery or living with HIV/AIDS.

How did Loyola prepare you for your job?
I didn’t know much about a Jesuit education before I came to Loyola, but I learned quickly that the goal is to be “men and women for others.” Being at a school where social justice and service are such a huge part of the culture let me take my interest for volunteer work and make it an even bigger part of my life.

Any advice for students who will be graduating next year?
Keep your mind open to all opportunities, like new career paths or post-grad service. I’m leaving Loyola doing something much different than I ever thought I would be doing—and I couldn’t be happier or more excited.