Loyola University Chicago


2016 Graduate profiles

Marquitta Dixon


“Loyola provided the resources and support I needed to find my passion in financial planning and wealth management.”
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Tanner Walters

Advertising/public relations and theatre

“I know everyone says to network, and that can be difficult. But even just having good relationships with your classmates helps.”
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Maggie Bednarz


“Loyola exposed me not only to the hard sciences but also to a diverse liberal arts curriculum.”
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Keenen Stevenson

Master’s degree in social work

“You should pursue the career you want. At the end of the day, it’s you that answers to you.”
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Ashley Pradhan

Information systems

“In every Chicago job interview I had, the interviewers said they could always identify a Loyola student from the others.”
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Brooke Hendricks


“I’m leaving Loyola doing something much different than I ever thought I would be doing—and I couldn’t be happier.”
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