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Graduate Profiles - Andrew Fenske

See how a Loyola degree helped them stand out, succeed

In today’s economy, recent college graduates face fierce competition for jobs. How did these three stand out from everyone else and land full-time positions right out of school? With a Loyola degree, of course.

Andrew Fenske

Major(s): Marketing and Management
Hometown: Brooklyn Park, MN

Job: Associate Account Strategist for Google
Location: Ann Arbor, MI

Talk a little about your new job and what youll be doing.

I’ll work directly with small- to medium-sized business owners around the country by offering them customer support and helping them utilize Google’s advertising products to get their businesses online.

How did Loyola prepare you for your job?

By showing me the importance of serving humanity; by preparing me to live and work in a global community; and by building on my desire to always do and become more.

Any advice for seniors who will be graduating next year?

As subjective as it sounds, I would say to be bold and not to settle so easily. You can’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You should always strive for what you want.