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Graduate Profiles - Colleen McCaffrey

See how a Loyola degree helped them stand out, succeed

In today’s economy, recent college graduates face fierce competition for jobs. How did these three stand out from everyone else and land full-time positions right out of school? With a Loyola degree, of course.

Colleen McCaffrey

Major(s): Anthropology and Sociology
Hometown: Homer Glen, IL

Job: Human Capital Performance Improvement Consultant for Ernst and Young
Location: Chicago

Talk a little about your new job and what youll be doing.

Working in HRPI, I will be consulting other companies on the nine different competencies the team supports, such as strategy, HR transformations, mergers and acquisitions, implementation of HRIS systems, and payroll service delivery and sourcing.

How did Loyola prepare you for your job?

Loyola gave me the resources and support to become a leader in everything that I do. I’ve always been encouraged to constantly seek out new challenges and to always push the boundaries of what I think I know.  

Any advice for seniors who will be graduating next year?

Take the year to get involved in the Loyola community as much as possible. The experiences that you have with classmates and faculty will not only help you grow as a person, but can help you further down the road with growing your professional network.