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Pamela Wible

Stritch School of Medicine

Pamela L. Wible, MD

Physician, Author

Pamela Wible, MD, is a family physician born into a family of physicians. Despite her parents’ warning not to pursue medicine, Dr. Wible followed her heart only to discover that to heal her patients she first had to heal her profession.

Fed up with “assembly-line medicine,” Dr. Wible held a series of town hall meetings throughout her community in Lane County, Oregon, where she invited citizens to design their own ideal medical clinic. She collected one hundred pages of written testimony and adopted 90 percent of the community feedback. Just one month later—with no outside funding—she opened the first ideal clinic designed entirely by patients. Her clinic offers relaxed office visits and house calls, and she has never turned anyone away for lack of money.

Open since 2005, Dr. Wible’s community clinic has inspired Americans to create ideal clinics and hospitals nationwide. She has personally helped hundreds of physicians launch successful ideal medical clinics in their communities.

Dr. Wible’s model is taught in medical schools and featured in the Harvard School of Public Health’s newest edition of Renegotiating Health Care, a textbook examining major trends with the potential to change the dynamics of health care. She speaks widely on health care delivery and is the bestselling author of Pet Goats & Pap Smears: 101 Medical Adventures to Open Your Heart & Mind (2012) and Physician Suicide Letters—Answered (2016).

When not treating patients in her community-designed family medicine clinic, Dr. Wible devotes her time to suicide prevention among medical students and physicians. Since 2012, she has been operating a suicide hotline for medical students and physicians out of her home. Despite her tireless dedication to suicide prevention among her peers, she considers herself a perpetual optimist and believes in nurturing the invincible human spirit in us all. Dr. Wible was named one the 2015 Women Leaders in Medicine by the American Medical Student Association for her pioneering contributions to physician mental health.

Dr. Wible’s articles have been picked up by major news outlets such as the Washington Post and TIME magazine. Her work on physician suicide was the focus of a primetime segment on America Tonight, and she will be featured in the upcoming documentary film Do No Harm that exposes the silent epidemic of medical student and physician suicide. Dr. Wible has been interviewed by CNN, ABC, CBS, and NPR. Her NPR interview on physician suicide won a prestigious national award—Second Place, Division A, for Best Interview from Public Radio News Directors, Inc.

Yet her greatest joy comes from inspiring the next generation of physicians. Dr. Wible mentors hundreds of medical students throughout the country each year and offers biannual medical student and physician retreats in the mountains of Oregon to help her colleagues recover from despair and live their dreams in medicine. She awards an annual $10,000 scholarship to a visionary woman in medical school who inspires her.

Dr. Wible is a graduate of Wellesley College and received her MD degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. An inspiring leader and educator of the next generation of physicians, she has been called the “Physicians’ Guardian Angel.”.