Loyola University Chicago



Jesuit. Social worker. Loyolan at heart.

Whether he’s advocating for immigrants, talking about race relations, or thumping on the drums, Marcos Gonzales, S.J., is focused on one thing: helping others.

Gonzales, who joined the Society of Jesus in 2011, graduated May 11 with a master’s degree in social work as part of his training to become a Jesuit priest. That’s on top of a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in theology that he earned at Loyola Marymount University.

But Gonzales isn’t just collecting degrees. He’s helping to create a more just and hopeful world. And it’s a mission with a deeply personal connection.

“My parents were both farm workers,” he said. “My father came to California from Mexico, and he met my mother while working in the farms of the Central Valley. That experience for them has largely influenced my own commitment to working and walking with marginalized communities.”

Watch the above video to learn more about Gonzales and his passion for social justice.