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A Letter from Your Neighbor

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Dear Neighbor,

My name is Allen Stryczek, and I have lived in the Edgewater Community for over 33 years. Over the past ten years, I’ve witnessed the evolution of Loyola University and the role the institution has played in strengthening and supporting the two neighborhoods that surround its lakeshore campus.  Each year, Loyola demonstrates an increasing interest and commitment to supporting the economic, cultural, and social vitality of Rogers Park and Edgewater.  I ask each of you to take a moment and reflect upon Loyola-sponsored events, programs, and partnerships in which you’ve taken part over the last few years. As a member of the local community and an active partner of Loyola, the opportunity to connect with young student leaders and encourage their leadership in the community is important to me. I am excited to announce a new initiative on campus that will directly support student engagement the Edgewater and Rogers Park Communities from the students, for the students, and by the students-The Community Action Scholarship Fund.

The Community Action Scholarship Fund (CAS) is a new addition to Loyola's campus and will serve as a way for students to implement sustainable projects in the neighborhoods directly surrounding campus.  Not only will this scholarship provide a tuition benefit for students, but it will also create an opportunity for a student to design and implement a project that fosters social, economic, and/or environmental sustainability. By funding these projects, we are giving students the opportunity to take ownership of their ideas and create real, sustainable change by working alongside members of the community. We ask that you join us in supporting The Community Action Scholarship Fund with your gift of $50.00

The (CAS) is a great way to foster increased partnerships between Loyola University students, faculty, and staff. Whether it is used to create or enhance existing green spaces, generate new programming for non-profit organizations, or conduct research about our local environmental, economic, or demographic trends in our community, CAS can go a long way with creating unique partnerships that lead to impactful change in our neighborhood.

Join us and make your gift today at Community Action Scholarship. To make a gift, follow the link and click “Direct Your Gift: Community Action Scholarship Fund” and let's create new opportunities for Loyola students to become leaders in our community.

Thank you for your generosity,

Allen Stryczek

To learn more about the Community Action Scholarship, please contact:

Mary C. Miro
Community Relations Specialist
Loyola University Chicago-Sherry Hall
6330 N. Sheridan Road, Floor 3
Chicago, IL 60660
Ph: 773-508-7436

To make a gift, follow link below and click “Direct Your Gift: Community Action Scholarship Fund”:
Link: Community Action Scholarship