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Campus MovieFest 2012

Photo Courtesy of Campus MovieFestLoyola students have been getting in touch with their flare for the dramatic with Campus MovieFest’s annual visit!

In 2001 Campus MovieFest CEO and Co-Founder David Roemer started the world’s largest student film festival with a few of his fellow classmates at Emory University.

“We just really wanted to know what would happen if we let students tell their stories on the big screen,” says Roemer. “We were absolutely amazed by the creativity and the results, so it’s been a dream come true ever since.”

Since its start, Campus MovieFest has reached 60 universities with over 50,000 student participants.

Loyola has been one of the participating universities since 2009. Every year when Campus MovieFest comes by, Loyola students can sign up to create a team and receive gear and training from Campus MovieFest representatives.

Loyola students’ film masterpieces dazzled the audience at Campus MovieFest’s Red Carpet Finale on October 4. 

Loyola students filled Galvin Auditorium for the movie screening as a panel of students, faculty and staff announced Loyola’s top 16 films and winners.

Campus MovieFest invited Best Picture, Best Drama and Best Comedy winners to screen their movies at Campus MovieFest Hollywood in June, where they will compete against 75 other universities and colleges. They will be in for a weekend of workshops, awards and receptions with all the major studios.

 “It’s just an unforgettable experience for the students to showcase what they’ve created,” says Roemer.

Students filmed their movies about anything, but featured categories include Best Picture, Best Drama, Best Comedy, Social Justice and Crime Drama.

Loyola’s winners include:

Best Picture- “In a Rut” by Under the Tongue

Best Comedy- “The Four Magic Words” by Slim ‘n Husky

Best Drama- “The Man” by Plays with Squirrels

Norton Crime Drama Finalist- “Dossier” by Black Coyote Films

Best Actor- Matt Illig in “The Four Magic Words” by Slim ‘n Husky

Best Actress- Barbara Crowley in “Ohio” by Bobby Crowley’s Crew

Golden Tripod Nominee- Cinematography in “The Man” by Plays with Squirrels

Best picture, “In a Rut” by Under the Tongue, was granted Adobe Creative Cloud membership and invited to attend and screen their film at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner and Campus MovieFest Hollywood, Under the Tongue also received an invitation to join the CMF Distinguished Filmmakers Network. 

Best Comedy, “The Four Magic Words” by Slim ‘n Husky, and Best Drama, “The Man” by Play With Squirrels, were both invited to screen at Campus MovieFest Hollywood and Campus MovieFest Distinguished Filmmakers network and were awarded a six-month Netflix subscription. 

Norton Crime Drama Finalist, “Dossier” by Black Coyote Films, will be given a copy of Norton 360 and have the opportunity to compete for a $10,000 grant and a trip to meet Anthony E. Zuiker, the creator of CSI.

But more Loyola teams can still win! All participants still have an opportunity to screen at Campus MovieFest Hollywood with an online voting competition at www.campusmoviefest.com/LUC.

Don’t miss your chance to vote on your classmates’ film creations online, and start thinking of your Hollywood-worthy ideas for next year’s Campus MovieFest.

 “It’s pretty incredible to see the stories that are waiting to be told,” says Roemer.

Get Involved:

To check out this year’s winning movies and vote for the final online LUC winner, visit http://www.campusmoviefest.com/festivals/352-loyola-university-chicago

For more information and to see photos from the event, find Campus MovieFest on Facebook at www.facebook.com/campusmoviefest or www.facebook.com/events/361068860634402/.