Loyola University Chicago

Community Relations

Marina's Proposal

Community Action Scholarship Recipient 2015

Goals of 2015-2016 Community Action Scholarship Initiative:

  1. Provide hands-on, environmental learning opportunities for school-aged students in the Rogers Park and Edgewater communities.
  2. Work with students & teachers to build and host monarch habitats in Edgewater and Rogers Park.

Through the Community Action Scholarship Initiative, Marina will provide experiential learning opportunities at local schools by:

  1. Offering a complimentary lecture and/ or hands-on workshops for local students about monarchs and their habitats
  2. Establishing a Monarch Habitat on school campuses: a small milkweed plant target area that will serve as an ongoing science and sustainability learning area.

Project Timeline:

  1. Fall 2015:  Provide Educational Workshops for students & community memebers
  2. Fall 2015:  Install Monarch Habitat on School Campuses throughout Rogers Park and Edgewater
  3. Spring 2016: Follow-up with project partners to ensure success of Milkweed/Monarch habitats

    To make a gift to the Community Action Scholarship Fund, follow this link and click “Direct Your Gift to Community Action Scholarship Fund.”