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Traffic Delays as CTA Begins Improvements to the Loyola ‘L’ Station

In 2011, Loyola Neighborhood News reported the upcoming renovations to the Loyola CTA Station thanks to a $7.5 million grant from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin and additional funds from the CTA.

In 2005, as part of setting the redevelopment priorities for the Devon-Sheridan Tax Increment Financing District (TIF), the community loudly and consistently proclaimed that the red line stop at Loyola was the top priority for the betterment of North Sheridan Road. Since 2005, Loyola has been lobbying to highlight the problems at the station and generate the interest that led to the $10 million commitment.

The advocacy and planning has come to fruition. Work is underway for safe & dry maintenance that includes new windows, flooring, plaster, paint, lighting, bird control and water proofing. At the viaduct the CTA will strip seal the structural joints and repair the columns.

The project is divided into three phases: Concrete Repairs to the Viaduct, Trackwork and Viaduct Waterproofing, and Station and Platform Work.

The CTA and & Kewit Company started work September 12, on concrete repairs to the viaduct.

Quick points:

  • Several days of lane closures will affect north/southbound Sheridan Rd beneath the viaduct.
  • A portion of the east sidewalk is open for north/south foot traffic.
  • Several days of lane closures will affect the area on the west side of the CTA viaduct on the block of 1200 W Loyola
  • To have minimal impact on commuters, the work is being done on weekends wherever possible.

How this affects commuters:

  • Northbound east lane closed (through October/early November 2012)  
  • Southbound west lane closed (begins mid-October/early November 2012)


Please expect delays during construction and plan accordingly.

Additionally, Loyola University is working with the CTA to move the entrance to the station further north and west along the embankment. The goal is to create a safer and more inviting pedestrian entrance to the station and to the community. Loyola has demolished the former Beck’s Books, McDonald’s and Harris Bank buildings in preparation for the plaza. The plaza will add approximately $2 million to the project that Loyola will contribute, and is expected the plaza will be complete spring 2013.