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Progress for Schreiber Center and Newcastle Tower

Progress for Schreiber Center and Newcastle Tower

Schreiber School of Business

Construction on the new business school has long been under way. Community Relations’ Summur Roberts spoke with Paul Meyer, the Superintendent, on the progress that has been made on the Schreiber School of Business and what can be expected in the months of construction to come. So far all of the utility work has been completed and the date of the removal of the tower crane is yet to be determined, but is expected to occur in the near future. Scaffolding will remain in the ally until sheathing of the bridge is complete. As of right now and moving forward, construction is focused on completing the roof and exterior frame, as well as installing the elevators. In the next few weeks masonry work will begin, which will definitely lead to more visible progress on the structure. Additionally, windows are anticipated to be in place before January. Meyer is hopeful that the building will be somewhat enclosed by the end of the year. The presence of construction trucks delivering and removing material is to be expected in the neighborhood for the next few months.

State and Chestnut

The neighboring 36-story residential tower from Newcastle is showing similar progress. From now through January, Vince Borovic, the project engineer, anticipates the completion of the structural concrete and steel framing. Work on the enclosing the parking garage will also continue through December. The crane will be lifting cooling and pool equipment to the roof top before its removal at the end of December. Finally, work on interior finishes to apartment units will commence. Once complete, the State and Chestnut apartments will offer luxury in combination with the convenience of its downtown location. Some disruption to the neighborhood, such as trucks coming in and out, is anticipated. Additionally construction on this building will be continued through the weekends.