Loyola University Chicago

New Student Convocation

About Convocation

The New Student Convocation is an annual tradition when all freshmen and transfer students are officially inducted into their graduating class, and their academic careers officially begin at Loyola University Chicago. Students are welcomed to the university community by the President, Provost, Vice President of Student Development, faculty and staff. The New Student Convocation is a celebration of university life and the traditions of Loyola University Chicago. All new students attend this important event as part of Welcome Week celebrations.

Convocation consists of three parts:

  • Convocation Walk: A processional around campus;
  • Convocation Address: Our new students' first academic lecture about the First-Year Text; and 
  • Book Discussions: Small group conversations led by faculty members.

Convocation is an introduction to the interplay between the mind and heart at Loyola. Convocation speakers contribute to the common good of society, and work in the service of others. They are selected to speak at Convocation based on their ability to offer new students an example of what it means to live an extraordinary life in the Loyola tradition.

This year's Convocation will be held Friday, August 24. For more information on how to participate, see