Loyola University Chicago

New Student Convocation

First-Year Text Discussions

Convocation Book Discussion Groups

The Convocation Book Discussion Groups are an important touch point with new Loyola students. Along with being the beginning of their academic experience at Loyola, it is their first experience with a Loyola faculty member. As the first faculty member to interact with these students, you will be in a unique place to help them transition to life at Loyola.

Shortly after New Student Convocation, you will receive the list of students from your discussion group along with their contact information. We invite you to reach out to these students during the first few weeks of the semester to see how their transition is going. This could take place over a lunch at a local restaurant with the whole group...or even just a friendly note checking in. It's up to you; but know that your influence on these students at the start of their Loyola experience is extremely meaningful.