Loyola University Chicago

University Core

Core Implementation Committee 2012

The Division of Academic Affairs completed a 3 year process of reviewing and revising the Core curriculum for undergraduate students.  The new Core curriculum took effect in the Fall semester of 2012.  In order to make the transition to the new Core as efficient and equitable as possible for all our students, the Provost’s Office formed a Core Implementation Committee 2012 to identify and address the practical issues that accompany such a significant revision to our curriculum.

The committee began its deliberations in late December of 2011, and will continue its work through the current spring semester.  The committee has made its first set of recommendations describing the courses that incoming first year students, continuing students, and transfer students may take to complete their core requirements.  In making these recommendations, the committee was guided by three principles:

1)      Making a smooth and timely transition to the new core.

2)      Maintaining equity and fairness for all students.

3)      Allowing sufficient flexibility to allow students to graduate in four years.

Drawing membership from many parts of the university community, the implementation committee worked to coordinate efforts of advising, registration and records, and the academic dean’s offices to ensure a seamless transition for all our students.


The members of the implementation committee:

 Dr. Jo Beth D’Agostino, College of Arts and Sciences

Kris Daggett, Registration and Records

Dr. Patrick Green, Center for Experiential Learning

Diane Hullinger, Registration and Records

Jennifer Huntley, Registration and Records

Dr. Beverly Kasper, School of Education

Brian Keiller, Student Advising

Clare Korinek, University Registrar

Lester Manzano, College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. David Slavsky, Center for Science and Math Education (Committee Chair)

Dr. Joyce Wexler, Department of English