Loyola University Chicago

University Core

Engaged Learning Requirement

Faculty and academic units may submit existing or new courses for review for Engaged Learning designation following the process below:

  1. Instructors or academic units should complete the University Engaged Learning Requirement Course Proposal Form, which can be found both on the University Core webpage and on the webpage of the Center for Experiential Learning.
  2. This form will be submitted electronically, along with a copy of the course syllabus, to engagedlearning@luc.edu.
  3. The Board of Undergraduate Studies' (BUS) Engaged Learning Sub-Committee will review the proposal and make a recommendation for approval, revision, or rejection.
  4. The chair of the BUS Engaged Learning Sub-Committee will then forward its recommendation to the academic unit.
  5. If the course is approved, a Course Inventory Form will be completed indicating the new Engaged Learning designation and submitted to Registration and Records by the chair of the BUS Engaged Learning Sub Committee.
  6. At the end of each semester, the BUS Engaged Learning Sub Committee will present to BUS a list of the courses newly designated to satisfy the Engaged Learning requirement.

In order to allow sufficient time for review of all courses and for timely completion of the schedule of classes, BUS has established the following deadlines for engaged learning course proposals:

OCTOBER 1 for all classes to be offered in the SPRING semester;
DECEMBER 1 for all classes to be included in the SUMMER terms;
FEBRUARY 1 for all classes to be included in the FALL semester.

Loyola courses to be newly proposed for approval for Engaged Learning credit should win approval as Loyola courses from the appropriate College/School before approval for Engaged Learning credit is finalized.