Message Sent To:All Students
Message From:Message from the Office of Student Development
Date Sent:Monday, February 15, 2021 03:15 PM CST

How to Keep Your Fellow Ramblers Safe

February 15, 2021

Dear Students,

With the first break of the term in the rearview mirror, we wanted to remind the entire student body just how important it is to comply with the University's COVID-19 surveillance testing and social distancing protocols. It's been five weeks since we officially launched our testing program, and the results so far are extremely encouraging:

COVID-19 surveillance testing program results

Our campus positivity rate is precisely where we want it to be. By testing frequently, wearing masks, and keeping our distance, we can protect our entire community and provide an enriching experience, especially as coronavirus variants begin to circulate in our region.

We also understand that getting acclimated to Loyola University Chicago's health and safety guidelines takes time and energy. (It's a lot of emails—we know!) That might explain why we've fielded student concerns, especially about behavior in common areas like the Damen Student Center and Information Commons. As a reminder:

  • Do not crowd around tables—study and dining tables are single-person occupancy only.
  • Do not move any tables or chairs.
  • A diner can remove their mask only while they're eating and must replace it immediately after they've finished.
  • Otherwise, a mask is always required.
  • If you see anything on or around Loyola's campuses that you believe to be an infraction, we ask that you contact a University representative (an RA, building ambassador, professor, etc.) or report it to 773-508-MASK (6275). You can also file a report online through the Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution (OSCCR) and the Center for Student Assistance and Advocacy (CSAA).

For those who are visiting our campuses and have made COVID-19 surveillance testing a part of your weekly routine, the University thanks you deeply. If you have been coming to campus and have not been testing, please be aware that the compliance committee closely monitors all instances of campus access and will begin deactivating IDs this week. Please ensure that you have completed all required tests to avoid having your access to important facilities such as the Information Commons and/or your on-campus class restricted.

If you still have questions about how our testing program works or how often you should test, we have plenty of resources to help. You can watch this short video tutorial on testing, read our Return to Campus checklist, skim our surveillance testing website, or drop an email to COVID-19testing@LUC.edu.There are informational flyers posted at campus building entrances, too.

Don't hesitate to ask questions; it's our aim to make our phased reopening as painless and routine as possible. Thanks again for all you do.

Go Ramblers!

William Rodriguez
Assistant Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students