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Date Sent:Wednesday, July 29, 2020 03:30 PM CDT

Positive Diagnosis Protocol: Isolation and Quarantine on Campus

Dear Students,

As we approach the fall semester, we know many of you are hoping to learn more about the protocols in place following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis on campus. This is the first in a series of messages that will explain Loyola University Chicago’s guidelines on and plans for isolation, quarantine, contact tracing, and testing on campus. This message focuses specifically on quarantine, isolation, and mental health support, and subsequent messages will cover contact tracing, testing, and other services provided by the Wellness Center.

Please keep in mind that Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) guidelines and recommendations continue to shift regularly. The most up-to-date information regarding Loyola’s COVID-19 response can continue to be found on our dedicated COVID-19 page and our new Return to Campus website.

Isolation Following a Positive Diagnosis

Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that anyone who tests positive for COVID-19—with or without symptoms—must isolate until they are not at risk of infecting others. According to the CDC, isolation is used to separate sick people from healthy people. Those guidelines recommend an isolation period lasting a minimum of 10 days.

Students living on campus with private bathrooms who are diagnosed with COVID-19 will isolate in their assigned room to prevent the spread of the virus and keep our community as safe and healthy as possible. Any student residing in a residence hall with a shared bath will be relocated to a separate residence hall where they will live for the duration of their isolation period. While in isolation, you may not leave the building, and you may not host visitors under any circumstances to prevent additional risk and exposure to others.

Students in isolation will be provided the following:

  • Food
  • Linens
  • In-unit bathrooms
  • Access to laundry facilities

Students will continue their studies while in isolation. Staff will help students work with their deans to make accommodations if a student’s studies are interrupted because of their illness.

Support in Isolation

During isolation, students will monitor their symptoms. A medical provider from the Wellness Center will provide regular virtual wellness checks and determine when students can safely conclude their isolation period. Students will have access to a Care Coordinator who will provide additional support throughout their time in isolation.

Spending time in isolation, especially if you are feeling physically ill, is stressful. Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming, triggering strong emotions. The Wellness Center can provide you with the mental health support you need through the following channels:

  • Call 773-508-2530 (#3) during normal business hours and leave a message to schedule an appointment or receive a return call from a counselor within 30 minutes
  • After hours, call 773-508-2530 (#3) to speak with a counselor urgently
  • Book a phone triage appointment
  • Text the Crisis Text Line at 741741 to communicate via text message, anytime of day, with a trained crisis counselor

Quarantine and Exposure

Quarantine is used to keep someone who might have been exposed to COVID-19 separated from others. An exposure to COVID-19 is defined as an individual who has had close contact (fewer than six feet) for more than 15 minutes.

If you are exposed, you will need to self-quarantine in your home, primary residence hall, or off-campus house/apartment. The quarantine period is 14 days as recommended by the CDC. Students living on campus will have meals delivered to their room during this period. Those residing in traditional residence halls will still have access to shared bathrooms, which will be cleaned regularly.

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 while in quarantine, you will have access to medical care through the Wellness Center. Students feeling ill should contact Dial-A-Nurse at 773-508-8883 (leave a message if your call is not answered) or schedule a nurse triage appointment online.

Emergency Travel Order

Anyone who has been exposed to COVID-19 or is traveling to Loyola from a high-impact state will need to quarantine. The City of Chicago’s Emergency Travel Order requires all students from designated states to quarantine for 14 days. The list of states is updated every Tuesday.

Should you be traveling to campus from one of these designated states, you will quarantine in your residence hall room. Your meals will be delivered to you during this period. Should you choose to travel to Illinois in advance of move-in on August 17, you should be prepared to offer documentation attesting to your quarantine in Illinois, such as plane tickets and hotel bills.

Now more than ever, students are called to care for themselves, care for others, and care for the community. Testing, contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine are essential for containing the spread of COVID-19 and will help ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the Loyola community, which continues to be our priority.


Joan Holden, DNP, APRN, ANP-BC
Director, Wellness Center

NOTE: This message was also shared with all faculty, staff, and undergraduate students' parents.

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