Message Sent To:All Faculty
Message From:Message from Academic Affairs
Date Sent:Thursday, July 30, 2020 01:50 PM CDT

Faculty Resources Digest: Final Preparations for Fall

Dear Faculty,

Thank you all for the time you have devoted this summer to preparing your fall classes for online delivery or, in some limited cases, dual-mode delivery. Through your hard work, we will continue to provide the high-quality education that our students expect.

Faculty resources

At the end of this email is a final compilation of teaching resources that should be helpful for fall 2020 (also attached). A separate communication will be sent to faculty next week highlighting the support services available to our undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

We encourage you to continue to visit the Academic Continuity webpage, which has served as a central hub for faculty resources since March. In addition, the new University Return to Campus webpage contains detailed information regarding all aspects of fall re-entry, including that relevant to academics.

Final reminders

A few reminders about the fall semester as you prepare:

1. Academic Calendar and Course Schedule: The academic calendar and course schedule grid was revised earlier this summer. Details can be found on the Classroom Scenarios page under Curricular Guidelines.

2. Guidelines for Recording Online Students: All faculty should have received the guidelines for recording students in an online class. You must alert students if you plan to record a synchronous online class. The guidelines include a “syllabus statement” and “privacy statement” that must be included in your syllabus, if you plan to record.

3. Time Zones: It would be helpful if your syllabi for synchronous courses note that listed class times are Central Time (CT) as students will be attending from across the country. If you have international students in your classes, we recommend sharing a recording of synchronous sessions. Exceptions may also be needed for exam times for international students.

4. Academic Integrity: An email sent in April summarizes the academic integrity resources available to faculty. The Academic Continuity Working Group also recently recommended that the University move to a new online proctoring service, Proctortrack. Details will be available before the start of the semester.

5. Student Accessibility Center (SAC): SAC will be able to address any questions that you have regarding course accessibility and student accommodations. SAC is currently conducting proactive outreach to all students with the greatest needs in their online courses to begin connecting them with faculty. Accessibility specialists are available to faculty for consultation regarding academic accommodations and testing accommodations for student in online courses. Accommodate, SAC’s case management platform, will distribute all accommodation letters and will support facilitation of testing accommodations. See the recommended syllabus statement from SAC regarding accommodations.

6. Health and Safety: We recommend that you include links to the important health and safety guidelines in your syllabus, as your students may be living on campus, visiting campus, or attending one of the limited number of on-campus classes. Here are the required personal safety practices when coming to campus. You may also share the guidelines for navigating Loyola’s campuses that are outlined on the Return to Campus webpage under Campus Scenarios.

If you have any questions, concerns or specific requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your representative on the Academic Continuity Working Group or any of us listed below.

Have a great semester!


Betsi Burns, Director, Learning and Student Success
JoBeth D’Agostino, Academic Programs and Planning, Office of the Provost
Patrick Green, Executive Director, Center for Experiential Learning
John Gurnak, Director, Office of Online Learning
Jessica Mansbach, Associate Director, Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy
David Slavsky, Vice Provost, and Director, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Paul Voelker, Director, Loyola Information Commons, University Libraries
Dan VonderHeide, Associate Vice President, ITS
Tim Walker, Associate Director, ITRS