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Message From:Message from the Office of the President
Date Sent:Friday, December 18, 2020 11:10 AM CST

Student Academic Services and the Academics Webinar

December 18, 2020

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As part of this Sunday’s Student Academic Experience Webinar, academic leaders will discuss academic support, resources, and guidance available to students during the spring 2021 semester and throughout their time at Loyola University Chicago. Please join us: register here today and submit your questions in advance.

Ahead of the webinar, I’d like to highlight some of our student academic services.

Undergraduate Student Academic Services
At the beginning of the fall semester, we launched several new student resources:

  • Resource Rundown, a one-stop listing of our many academic and student resources, including the Writing Center, Tutoring Center, Student Academic Services, Loyola Online, and Wellness Center.
  • Navigate, a student-centered mobile app that connects students with their advisors and with personalized information about their academic progress. This spring, we will be adding the Study Buddy feature, which enables students to form study groups within their courses.
  • The Kettle, a website that empowers students to build help-seeking skills through accessible campus resource links and student spotlights. Twice a month, undergraduate students receive Kettle emails highlighting timely resources.

I also encourage you to see our resources to support students during online learning at Rambler Resources for Student Success Online.

Graduate Student Academic Services
Individual graduate programs and colleges offer targeted services for their graduate students. Students should check with their programs for the full details, but services could include:

  • Professional development workshops on discipline-specific topics and skills
  • Online appointment scheduling with advisors
  • Networking with the dean, faculty, and alumni
  • Newsletters with timely information

At the University level, the Graduate, Professional, and Adult Student Life office offers resources, events, and opportunities for leadership, service, and spiritual growth. Graduate students also have access to the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, which has resources including dissertation writing support and career planning.

If you have questions about Loyola’s student academic services or any part of the academic experience, please join us at our webinar on Sunday or email covid-19support@LUC.edu.

Together in Loyola,

Thomas M. Kelly
Sr. Vice President for Administrative Services
Office of the President