Message Sent To:All Faculty, All Staff
Message From:Message from Human Resources
Date Sent:Tuesday, March 31, 2020 02:30 PM CDT

Policies and Best Practices for Remote Work

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Over the past week or two, many of you have transitioned to working remotely (telework) and may be experiencing it for the first time. We hope that it has gone smoothly.

Working remotely enables employees to remain engaged with and responsible for their individual job duties on a daily basis to maintain the continuity of University operations. It is not provided as time-off to engage in personal activities.

This unprecedented period of remote work is very different from “the gift of time” recently practiced at Loyola University Chicago during the Christmas holiday season. In contrast, faculty and staff are expected to remain productive and carry on with their job responsibilities during this period. We realize this is a new style of work for our community, but we must be flexible and adjust accordingly.

Pay provisions have been made for employees whose work cannot be performed remotely or for employees too new to have earned paid time accruals. Employees whose jobs cannot be performed remotely should first utilize their accrued paid time off (includes vacation, personal/family friendly days, floating holiday, and sick time). Once an employee’s paid time accrual is exhausted, additional time up to the equivalent of 15 days may be accessed during this COVID-19 period with manager/supervisor approval.

The following helpful practices can support remote work arrangements for managers and their staff in balancing Loyola’s mission to educate our students and meet the business needs of their business unit, in addition to caring for our employees.

Manager Responsibilities

  • Ensure that your employees have the needed technical resources to successfully work remotely
  • Set expectations early and clearly
    • Confirm job duties and responsibilities being performed; revisit them as needed
    • Hold your employees accountable for their work
    • Discuss any concerns immediately
    • Follow performance management principles
  • Ongoing and effective communication is essential
    • Identify communication methods and schedule regular check-ins
    • Utilize virtual Zoom meetings individually and with the team
  • Provide support
    • Listen to your employees’ concerns and address them
    • Affirm confidence and be encouraging
    • Acknowledge that the transition to a work remote situation can be stressful
    • As manager, it is still your responsibility to coach and mentor your employees
    • Contact your HR Manager as needed

Employee Responsibilities

  • Confirm that you have the needed technology resources; know how to access technical support
  • Identify a dedicated and quiet space in your home that is conducive for business-level work
  • Remove distractions
  • Establish a daily work routine and be productive
  • Check emails frequently; be accessible and responsive during working hours
  • Confirm communication expectations with your manager and team members; communicate frequently
  • Present yourself professionally on video conferences and maintain customer service standards
  • Refrain from engaging in personal activity during work hours, as much as possible
  • Discuss any work-related concerns with your manager
  • Take care of your emotional/physical health
    • Eat healthy
    • Get enough sleep
    • Get exercise
    • Stay connected with co-workers; virtual socialization
    • Let you manager know if you become ill and are not able to work, or if you need to request paid time off
  • Contact your HR Manager as needed

Available Resources for Managers and Employees 

  • Seek out advice and technology solutions through the ITS Service Desk at itsservicedesk@LUC.edu or 773.508.4487; also visit the How to Keep Working technology site for guidance and resources for working remote.

  • With the understanding that working remote can be stressful, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has resources available at no cost to our employees and their family members.

  • Employees are able to access Kronos from computers and mobile devices, even if not connected to the Loyola network. Kronos can be access via the web at: https://kronos.luc.edu/.

  • Employees who become ill and may not be able to work for more than three days should contact Matrix Absence Management.

  • Visit the Top Five Tips for Working from Home video made available by ALEX, Loyola’s benefit tool provider.

We realize this is a stressful period for everyone, as change and crisis are often quite unsettling. Nonetheless, we call on your continued strength and resiliency to get us through this challenge. Together, we can weather any storm.


Winifred L. Williams, PhD
Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer