Message Sent To:All Faculty, All Staff
Message From:Message from Academic Affairs
Date Sent:Monday, April 20, 2020 03:04 PM CDT

Final Exam Schedule and Accommodations

Dear Faculty and Staff,

First, thank you all for the enormous efforts you made to continue to serve our students in these most unusual times.

As so many things have changed in the way we engage with our students, it is understandable that some faculty and students believe the normal academic calendar is no longer in force. We are writing to remind you that synchronous final exams must follow the published final exam schedule.

Please remember that most students are taking several courses this term, and either changing the time of a final exam or extending the length of the exam beyond the scheduled two hours is almost certain to be disruptive to your students' exam schedule. You may, of course, give a take-home exam that allows the student more than the allotted two hours, but you cannot reschedule a "sit down" exam for any time other than its originally scheduled slot. Faculty also cannot extend the length of the exam, except for students who have an approved testing accommodation (see more on this below).

Testing accommodations

It is the responsibility of the University to provide reasonable accommodations to a student as approved by the Student Accessibility Center (SAC). Students with testing accommodations have received detailed instructions regarding final exams from SAC. Students have been asked to remind faculty of their testing accommodations (1.5 or 2.0 time for exams) at least 72 hours prior to their final exam. However, we encourage faculty to review their list of students receiving testing accommodations in Accommodate, the management system for SAC. When in doubt, please err on the side of providing the extended time as listed in Accommodate.

Also, we are asking you to please be flexible in terms of exam conflicts for students with extended time. Students may ask to arrange an alternative exam time as a result of testing accommodations for the following two reasons:

  • The student is approved for 2.0x extended time and has final exams at 1 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. on the same day.
  • The student is approved for extended time and has three final exams on the same day.

As always, the SAC staff wants to support students and faculty through this final exam period. Should you have any questions, concerns, or need any assistance regarding final exams, please do not hesitate to contact SAC at sac@LUC.edu.

Thank you again for your care of our students in this most difficult semester. We wish you a healthy and productive summer.

David Slavsky, Associate Provost, Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Betsi Burns, Director, Learning and Student Success
JoBeth D’Agostino, Associate Provost for Academic Programs and Planning