Message Sent To:All Faculty, All Staff, All Students
Message From:Message from the Office of the President
Date Sent:Friday, June 26, 2020 06:40 PM CDT

Moving Forward with Fall 2020: Tuition, Campus Housing, and Fees

Students, Faculty, and Staff,

With the City of Chicago and the rest of Illinois gradually beginning Phase 4 of the governor's Restore Illinois plan today (Friday, June 26), Loyola University Chicago is pleased to confirm we are also moving forward with our plans toward a limited and phased re-opening of our campuses later this summer.

Subject to the Restore Illinois plan, Loyola intends to offer both online and on-campus instruction for the Fall 2020 semester. Students will be able to choose either an on-campus experience with classes both face-to-face and online (some online classes will be required to de-densify campus) or a fully online experience, depending on the student’s preference.

As mentioned in our previous communication, Loyola has modified the fall schedule to help minimize the chance of infection from students returning to campus after traveling. Classes will still begin on August 24 as scheduled, but students will no longer have a mid-semester break and on-campus instruction will conclude on Sunday, November 22. All classes – whether they were previously offered online or on-campus - will resume ONLINE ONLY on Monday, November 30 (following the Thanksgiving Break), and all finals will be given online.


Tuition for the 2020-2021 Academic Year remains at the rate publicly announced in January 2020. Regardless of the mode of instruction, Loyola is committed to providing a first-class education and will continue to provide students with access to the same accomplished faculty, rigorous coursework, and thoughtful curriculum that are the hallmark of the Loyola experience.

During the unprecedented global health crisis this past spring, our dedicated faculty made extraordinary efforts to ensure that the educational experience remained as rigorous online as it would have been in-person. As a matter of practice, we regularly survey our students on course effectiveness. The data we received from our students showed that our faculty’s efforts were successful, and students found their courses and instruction equally effective as in semesters prior despite the transition to online learning.

We remain appreciative and very proud of how hard our faculty worked to ensure and maintain course integrity and quality this past spring. 


Loyola understands the significant toll the COVID-19 pandemic has had on many families. In order to increase support to those students whose families have experienced financial hardship, Loyola has developed The Loyola Commitment program. Undergraduate and graduate students may apply for assistance through The Loyola Commitment. Eligibility and priority will be given to those who have utilized all existing financial aid options, including loans. To apply, visit LUC.edu/finaid/loyolacommitment.


In order to provide a safer living environment for our students next academic year, Loyola will move to an all single occupancy model. Since there will be less overall space available for on-campus living as a result of this change, Loyola is in the process of securing near-campus hotel space in order to accommodate as many students as possible who desire to live on campus. In order to ensure that students do not incur additional expenses as a result of this change, traditional single room rates will be reduced. Additionally, Loyola will absorb the added costs for the hotel space. The following chart details the on-campus room rates for academic year 2020-2021:

Prorated for shortened on campus semester
Traditional single $3,820 $4,700
Apartment-style single $3,920 $4,830
Near campus hotel $3,860 $4,750

Additional details on accommodations can be directed to: res-life@LUC.edu or FAQs for fall 2020 housing.

Loyola has decided to suspend the student development fee for the upcoming year in an effort to help students and families financially affected by the pandemic. The student development division nevertheless remains committed to providing as many on-campus events and programs as possible next year, provided it can do so safely.


Board plan rates for the 2020-2021 academic year will be adjusted lower in light of new safety measures on campus. The previously offered 5- and 7- day "all access” plans will change to 5- and 7- day “board plans.” The board plans will allow students to access the dining facilities for three meals per day, but will be limited to one visit per meal. Meals will be grab and go—students will be able to carry out either a hot or cold meal option, along with snacks, during each visit. This new protocol will assist with social distancing objectives in dining halls. Fall board plan rates have also been adjusted lower to reflect the residential community move off-campus at Thanksgiving for the remainder of the semester.

Board plan rates for the coming year are:

  Fall Spring Total
15 meals/week / 5-day board plan
+ $250 dining dollars
$2,240 $2,530 $4,770
15 meals/week / 5-day board plan
+ $350 dining dollars
$2,340 $2,630 $4,970
21/meals/week / 7-day board plan
+ $100 dining dollars
$2,260 $2,570 $4,830
21/meals/week / 7-day board plan
+ $200 dining dollars
$2,360 $2,670 $5,030

We appreciate your continued feedback, support, and flexibility as we eagerly plan for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Yours in Loyola,

Thomas M. Kelly
Sr Vice President, Administrative Services
Office of the President

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