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Corporate Engagement

About the Office

Let's Work Together. 

Mutually beneficial partnerships between corporations and universities are on the rise. The Office of Corporate Engagement (OCE) serves as the entry point to help corporations navigate a vast array of university resources. Working with companies and business entrepreneurs, our office assists the corporate and private sector to fully explore partnership opportunities across Loyola campuses. 

This is a new form of civic engagement and serves to strengthen our connections with the larger Chicago community. Through strategic alliances with businesses and organizations, both large and small, Loyola's considerable brain trust is made available to our corporate partners.

OCE connects corporations with Loyola students through job placement, internships, externships, service learning, mentoring, and leadership development. With the global workforce evolving and the need for highly-skilled professionals increasing, OCE connects corporate partners to professional development, continuing education, executive education, and workforce training programs.

The OCE provides personalized services tailored to the needs of each organization. Our mission is to facilitate access for our corporate partners to the entire University. Loyola is uniquely positioned to showcase the best practices that can result from and educational partnership formed with a world-class University.

Opportunities for Collaboration:

  • Career Services and internship placement
  • Custom-designed training
  • Executive, continuing, and professional education
  • Sponsored research and technology
  • Corporate philanthropy
  • Leadership and professional development

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