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Holsten Scholars

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The Holsten Scholars Program is a unique, hands-on program which encourages students to experience an interdisciplinary
approach to learning while creating successful communities. It enables students to develop and hone their professional skills within the areas of law, social work, management, and health related fields, as they learn how each field relates to the social well-being of residents.

"The Loyola community provides the perfect opportunity for a Holsten Scholar to take advantage of experiential learning in the areas of law, social work, management and medical related fields. Being a Holsten Scholar will not only let you see the connections, it will let you become one.” 

Jackie Taylor Holsten earned her juris doctor at Loyola University Chicago in 1999. Since then, Ms. Holsten has been involved in Chicago housing for nearly 20 years with her husband, Peter Holsten. As senior vice president and general counsel of Holsten Real Estate Development Corporation, Ms. Holsten spearheads property management of all housing types in the Holsten portfolio and ensures the healthy blend of its buildings and residents to create thriving communities. Ms. Holsten also currently serves on Loyola University Chicago's Board of Trustees. 


Placement Benefits

Holsten Scholars are placed within either Holsten Human Capital Development, NFP (HHCD), or Holsten Real Estate Development and Management Corporations. The Program is designed to provide 'real world' experiences for graduate and undergraduate students in the law and social work disciplines.  By educating, encouraging, and supporting these students, the goal is to prepare them for senior leadership roles in these sectors and beyond.  Additionally, the Program will provide networking and mentoring opportunities to the selected students.