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Holsten Human Capital Development, NFP (HHCD) is a nonprofit, charitable organization with the mission to strengthen at risk populations by expanding their access to viable resources that promote self-sufficiency, wellness and stability through comprehensive service provision, developing low income and affordable housing, and fostering economic development.

HHCD began as a division of Holsten Real Estate Development Corporation. Since its inception in 1975, Holsten Real Estate Development Corporation has developed more than 5,000 units of affordable, market rate, mixed-income, and mixed-use housing and commercial developments throughout the city making it one of Chicago's most unique development companies.

 HHCD cultivates partnerships that empower families to take active roles in rebuilding both their lives and their communities for improved quality of life. By addressing day-to-day needs and assisting families in achieving their goals, HHCD encourages their clients to realize their dreams and become participants in their community.

Working in a number of diverse communities, Holsten employs a collaborative model of securing community input, improving commercial and retail spaces, providing employment and advocating for community revitalization. In 1999, Holsten added Holsten Human Capital Development to support this philosophy. HHCD assisted 80 CHA residents to make the transition to private housing at North Town Village, one of the first developments to integrate public housing with moderate and market rental, as well as, market for-sale units. Since then, HHCD has played an integral part of Holsten’s success in developing and sustaining several successful mixed income projects.

Since its inception, Holsten Human Capital Development has guided over 600 eligible CHA residents through the screening and selection process for new housing. HHCD has provided various supportive services and empowerment activities prior to move in and assistance with stabilization services after move-in. Realizing that there is more to creating healthy communities than just placing a family in a new unit, HHCD networks with area providers to build collaborative partnerships. Such networking has allowed them to expand services by leveraging resources including employment training and placement services, health and wellness screenings, financial awareness education, youth development programs and a host of informational and educational workshops to build an individual's personal knowledge base and skills.