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User Policies and Procedures

LUC @ 1871 User Policies and Procedures

To reserve the LUC Suite, a user must be a current Loyola University Chicago student, faculty, or staff member.    

Approved student members may reserve the LUC Suite for up to four hours per day for a maximum of two times per week, unless given explicit permission by the Suite Administrator.  Prior to submitting a space request, students must complete a User Application Form; this form is required only for initial approval.  Reservation requests can be submitted via email to loyola1871@luc.edu, users should expect a confirmation of reservation within 2 business days.

Staff and faculty who wish to reserve space may contact the Office of Corporate Engagement staff directly (or email loyola1871@luc.edu) with the requested dates and times.

Upon arrival at 1871, Students check-in at the reception desk and provide their LUC ID to the reception desk in exchange for a keycard to the LUC suite (the ID will be returned upon receipt of the keycard). The keycard must be turned in at the end of the scheduled timeframe. The Suite Administrator reserves the right to charge a $20 fee for any lost or stolen 1871 keycards. 

Access to Loyola’s Suite is provided Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Users may not use the LUC suite until they have been approved; using the space without permission may result in LUC suite access being revoked. Per the agreement with 1871, six people may use the LUC suite concurrently.

Only students of the University with approved 1871 student membership are eligible to use the suite.

Students will be eligible to attend 1871 workshops and events, but cannot attend office hours offered by 1871 member companies.

It is the responsibility of all users reserving the LUC Suite to work together to keep the space clean and orderly, specifically properly disposing of any food or trash, clearing the whiteboard, turning off the lights, and sharing access to workspaces and conference rooms. 

All students, faculty, and staff are expected to adhere to the above listed policies.  

The Office of Corporate Engagement manages the LUC Suite and reserves the right to revoke access to any individual or group not adhering to the policies stated here.