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Catholic Charities Tuition Reduction Details

Thank you for your interest in Loyola.

To receive the tuition reduction, the student’s employment must be verified each term.  Verification will occur when the student submits the Catholic Charities Employment Verification Form (EVF).

For programs covering the 25% tuition reduction, please download this verification form: Catholic Charities 25% EVF

Please follow the instructions in the first paragraph and upload your employee verification form here.

The following guidelines must be met, for a employee of Catholic Charities to receive tuition discount. 

  • The tuition reduction can be applied to select LUC graduate, certificate, and adult degree-completion degrees;
  • The tuition reduction may not be used in combination with any other LUC grants, scholarships, waivers, or awards; federal funding via the FAFSA is available;
  • Employees must meet all academic degree admission standards;
  • A verification form must be submitted prior to the first day of each semester; it is the student's responsibility to submit this form.

A variety of payment options are available and you can work with a financial aid counselor to determine the best option for your tuition payments.

Loyola offers students the option deferring their expenses through an Employer Reimbursement Plan (ERP). The ERP is designed to enable students who are eligible for tuition reimbursement from their employer to defer payment of tuition and fees covered under their employer agreement. Please the LUC Office of the Bursar for more information and be sure to check with your employer about their policies for education assistance.