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Corporate Engagement

Continuing and Professional Studies

Loyola University Chicago has made college degrees accessible and affordable to working adults for over 100 years. We realize the unique requirements for adult learners to advance educationally while maintaining performance at work and balancing personal responsibilities. At the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS), we understand that employers want a workforce of independent, self-starting critical thinkers. Loyola helps students achieve a high-quality, career-relevant degree with practical applications.

Through a partnership with SCPS, you can:

  • Retain and recruit ambitious and hardworking employees
  • Boost your employee confidence, productivity, and job satisfaction
  • Reduce tuition reimbursements and fees through the SCPS Fellows Program, a corporate tuition- matching initiative for your best and brightest
  • Add value to your in-house training with acceptance toward college credit

Most of our bachelor’s degrees are offered 100 percent online, giving your employees the ultimate in flexibility and convenience to manage their work-life-study commitments. In-person classes are held at the downtown Water Tower Campus and Vernon Hills campus. Our multiple scholarships and transfer-friendly courses meet the needs of working adults. Loyola offers a full range of personal advising and support that starts with the student’s very first course, “Introduction to Degree Completion.” This course comes with a full-tuition scholarship and covers academic and career planning, strategies on how to succeed while working, and financial aid planning.

SCPS faculty members are passionate about working with adult learners and teach BA degrees that are career-focused for employees and solve real-world needs for employers, leading to a stronger workforce.

“Loyola provided me with a community that not only encouraged my curiosity for learning but also provided support for personal development and growth. Some of the strategies I learned in my classes at SCPS still help me when I am planning a fundraising pitch or a new venture.”

–LeRoy Chalmers (BA ’14), SCPS graduate

Our professors and instructors are leaders in their fields, offering expertise in a wide range of professional degrees:

  • BA in Applied Criminal Justice
  • BA in Applied Psychology
  • BA in Applied Studies
  • BA in Communication
  • BA in Information Technology
  • BA in Management
  • BA in Paralegal Studies
  • BSW in Social Work

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