Loyola University Chicago


Tips for Increasing Your Response Rate

  • Tell students when the evaluation period begins.
  • Tell students that they will receive emails which will remind them to complete the surveys. 
  • Evaluations should take no longer than ten minutes to complete. You may allow students time during class to complete the evaluation. 
  • Log into MyEvalCenter (via https://www.smartevals.com/luc) and click the "QR codes" link for your class(es). Print the page that is then displayed and distribute it to your students.  Using their mobile devices, they can scan the code and complete the evaluations from their mobile devices.
  • Give students a few specific examples of how you used feedback from past course evaluations. For example: "Last semester the evaluations said I should make better use of the course website, and that is why this year I have been posting notes online."
  • Tell students that their responses are completely anonymous, and that teachers will only see aggregate results after grades are released.