About Us

Chicagoland Partners for English Language Learners (CPELL) is housed within the School of Education at Loyola University Chicago. Operating on a five-year, 2-million dollar federal grant (#T365Z120068), this second generation CPELL program builds on the accomplishments achieved in the first grant and expands to encompass an even greater reach in the 2012-2017 program period. (To learn more about the first CPELL grant, click here‌.)

This is CPELL's second consecutive 5-year grant awarded by the Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA). In this new grant written by CPELL team members Dr. Marla Israel, Dr. Elizabeth Vera, and Nancy Goldberger, CPELL will expand the reach of the program to even more Chicagoland area school districts. These districts may include but are not limited to Aptakisic-Tripp 102, Fairview South 72, Hawthorn 73, North Shore School District 112, Skokie 68, Stevenson 125, and the Chicago Office of Catholic Schools.  These district partners, along with the CPELL team and cohort members past and present, comprise the Governing Board.

Dedicated to the continuing education and support of the efforts of teachers, administrators, and parents of English as a Second Language (ESL) students within the partner districts, there are several key components to CPELL that are integral to the success of the iterative process. Based on stakeholder needs assessments, school administrators and faculty receive data-driven professional development to address specific concerns in the schools where they teach. Parent workshops are also data-driven programs designed to assist ESL parents in their quest to best support their child as they navigate the U.S. school system. Furthermore, CPELL offers a 50% tuition benefit to teachers within the partner district schools to encourage teachers to pursue either their M.Ed. in English Language Teaching and Learning with an ESL endorsement or to attain their ESL endorsement.  By building capacity with this comprehensive approach, the schools and their families can work together to maximize the benefits for the ESL students and promote academic equity and success.


The CPELL Iterative Process

CPELL builds capacity within the partner school districts by employing an iterative process. This process allows for an organic organization that can respond quickly and appropriately to individual need, creating systemic change for on-going student growth.


For all inquiries please email CPELL@luc.edu or call 312-915-6318.