CPELL Scholars

‌The students in the CPELL program are organized into cohorts (ELL-M and ELL-C). After two years of course work and study at Loyola, the ELL-M educators will be awarded an M.Ed. in English Language Teaching and Learning with an ESL endorsement. After one year of course work and study at Loyola, the ELL-C educators will earn an ESL Endorsement on their teaching license.

In addition to receiving a 50% tuition stipend, the enrolled educators' home districts will receive additional support and programming from the CPELL team.  Students enrolled in the CPELL program are dedicated to becoming highly-qualified, effective teachers in multicultural, multilingual schools. For more information see our program brochure

For a list of important dates, please visit the School of Education academic calendar.

Below is a list of current CPELL cohort members and the types of classrooms in which they teach as well as some of their projects (as they become available).

ELL-M6: 2015 Master cohort

Culminating Leadership and School Improvement Projects

Thomas Boczar--Township 214

Maggie Fischer--Stevenson 125

Jessica Kochy--Skokie 68

Christina Palffy--Stevenson 125

Alma Tamayo--Hawthorn 73

Paulina Tuman--Stevenson 125

ELL-M5: 2014 Master cohort

Persida Bujdei--Township 214

Joel Dufkis--Township 214 

Mary Eber--Stevenson 125

Megan Faith--Skokie 68

Justin Fisk--Stevenson 125

Miguel Parra Garcia--Township 214

Sarah Larsen--Skokie 68

Daisy Lopez--Northshore 112

Melissa Mardoian--Township 214

Carla Spinelli--Evanston/Skokie 65 

Bethany Tomlinson--Hawthorn 73

Danielle Tourtillott--Northshore 112

ELL-M4: 2013 Master cohort

Carly Burda--Hawthorn SD 73

Alexie Downey--North Shore SD 112

Amanda Pantle--Office of Catholic Schools

Billy Schauer--Office of Catholic Schools

Katy Short--Skokie SD 68

Carrie Strauts--Hawthorn SD 73

ELL-C5: 2014 Endorsement cohort

Stephanie Cardella--Northshore 112

David Lee--Township 214

ELL-C4: 2013 Endorsement cohort

Angela Athanasopoulos--Skokie SD 68

Molly Rose Flanagan--Skokie SD 68

Carrie Guerard--Skokie SD 68

ELL-M3: 2012 Master cohort

Megan Byrne--Skokie SD 68 Balancing the Social-Emotional and Academic Needs by Megan Byrne of English Language Learner and Immigrant Students; Culturally Relevant Classroom Library by Megan Byrne

Charlotte Guntly--Aptakisic-Tripp CCSD 102 Community and School Language Profile by Charlotte Guntly

Renee Phillippose--Skokie SD 68  Who Am I

Nichole Strauel--North Shore SD 112

ELL-C3: 2012 Endorsement cohort

Betsy Berman--North Shore SD 112

Brandi Barnett--Skokie SD 68 Applied Linguistics Research and Reflection by Brandi Barnett

Ellen Blumenfeld--Fairview South SD 72

Owen Douglas--Skokie SD 68  The Boy Called Curtis Kim

Laurie Heinz--Skokie SD 68

CPELL Graduates

The positive impact of the CPELL program continues long after our scholars complete their course work.  The data demonstrates that contributions of CPELL graduates in their classrooms, districts, and communities are realized on a regular and ongoing basis. In fact, 100% of the graduates from the first CPELL program who participated in post-program interviews have assumed new professional responsibilities. CPELL graduates are prepared to develop new and innovative ways to
implement their knowledge into their classrooms; others rise to leadership positions, taking with them a foundation grounded in the most current pedagogy and viewed through a lens of inclusion.

Below you will find some examples of CPELL scholars post-graduation work that promotes a positive school culture and a vision of learning for a school that promotes the success of all students.

Christina Sylvester

English Language Learners: Summary Overview and Administrator Perspective

Miriam Tullgren

Those Who Excel Award Letter