About Us

The CPELL program is a federally funded Department of Education/Office of English Language Acquisition grant program (grant # T365Z12006) located within the Loyola University Chicago School of Education. The $2-million, 5-year program ran from 2012-2017. There are no future cohorts being formed through CPELL since the funding period has ended.

During the five-year timeframe, CPELL partnered with 9 Chicagoland school districts, offering integrated, data-driven professional development, workshops, and meetings within the partner school districts.

Over the course of the life of the grant, CPELL served 3,578 administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals and parents, surpassing virtually every goal that had been established at the onset. Additionally, 37 in-service teachers completed graduate level coursework as part of the CPELL program. Graduate programs offered included ESL Endorsement, Teacher Leader Masters, with dual teacher leader and ESL endorsements, or English Language Teaching and Learning Masters with and ESL Endorsement.

For information about pursuing one of the graduate courses previously offered through CPELL, please contact the School of Education Graduate Professional Enrollment Advisor, Mirtza Campbell by telephone at 312-915-8907 or via email at mcampbell11@luc.edu.