Parental Support

Parental support programs are another feature of the CPELL program. Based on parent needs assessment date within each partner district, Dr. Elizabeth Vera offers specially crafted, data-driven programs for parents that focus on enhancing learning in the home, encouraging bilingualism and biliteracy, advocacy with teachers and school staff, encouraging English acquisition, general parenting strategies, managing stress levels, and improving communication with teachers, to name a few. Information about educational resources in the community is often an aspect of the programming event.

Advance notice of events is sent to homes with the invitation and event information translated into the home language. Hallmarks of past parent events include the availability of quality children’s literature in many languages, refreshments, on-site translators, and childcare. These elements help ensure all families feel welcome and can enjoy the programming comfortably. A children’s literature book (available in many languages as well as English) is sent home with each child in attendance so reading at home in the native language is encouraged as well.

Training Materials

To see interactive symposia that were developed based upon individual district needs.

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