Research presentations and conferences

Research Presentations

The Iterative Partnership Paradigm:  Meeting the School's and University's Agendas to Build and Sustain a Long-Term Relationship, presented at the UCEA Convention in November 2012 by Marla Israel, Elizabeth Vera, Amy Heineke, Nancy Goldberger, Andrea Carr, & Daniel Camacho

U.S. Public Schools--The Obligation and Responsibility of Educating All of our Children presented at the Summer LUC Program for Brazilian High School English Instructors

Educational Aspirations & Participation of EL Students presented at the APA Convention in August 2013 by Elizabeth Vera, Andrea Carr, Daniel Camacho, Marla Susman Israel, Amy Heineke, & Nancy Goldberger

Who are the children that come to our school house doors? How do we, in Illinois, best serve their educational and social-emotional needs? presented at Loyola University Chicago in February 2015 by Marla Israel