CPELL Scholars (CPELL-1)


The students in the CPELL program are organized into cohorts (ELL-M1 and ELL-M2).  After two years of course work and study at Loyola, these educators will be awarded an M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership with a focus in ELL.  In addition to receiving a tuition stipend, the enrolled educators' home districts will receive additional support and programming from the CPELL team.  Students enrolled in the CPELL program are dedicated to becoming effective teacher leaders in multicultural, multilingual schools.

Some of the CPELL scholars spent their summer studying abroad at the John Felice Rome Center and wrote about their experiences. Read about some highlights of their experiences here.

Below is a list of several of the current CPELL cohort members and the types of classrooms in which they teach as well as some of their projects.

ELL-M1: Class of 2010

NameGrade Currently TeachingSubject/Classroom Type Currently TeachingScholar Projects
Patricia Castaño Second Grade Dual-Language Instruction  
Melissa Marzullo Seventh & Eighth Grades Science (with English Language Learners for two periods)

No Child Left Behind Paper

No Parent Left Behind Paper


Learning Language, Learning Through Language, and Learning About Language

Book Talk: Engage ALL Students Through Differentiation

Jasmine Puthusseril Elementary English Language Learners (Primary)  
Beverly Pinto Ramirez First through Fifth Grades Bilingual Instruction (both pull-out and push-in)  
Christina Sylvester Seventh & Eighth Grades Level one Spanish

The Effectiveness of Sheltered Instruction in Mainstream Classrooms

English Language Learners:  Summary Overview and Administrator Perspective

Miriam Tullgren Seventh & Eighth Grades Level one Spanish and dual language Age Effects on Syntactic Control in Second Language Learning
Annette Wozniczka Second & Third Grades Loop classroom No Parent Left Behind
Janet Van Arsdale Fourth Grade Dual Language Technology, Peer Collaboration, and ZPD in the Dual Language Classroom
Melissa Arof Eighth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies  


ELL-M2: Class of 2011

NameGrade Currently TeachingSubject/Classroom Type Currently TeachingScholar Projects
Maria Bucur Kindergarten General Education  
Rebecca Hoffman Second Grade General Education  
Stephanie Jakimczyk Kindergarten through Fourth Grades Special Education  
Raquel Kim Fourth Grade Dual Language  
Stefanie Labellarte Sixth Grade English  
Christina Lovering Seventh & Eighth Grades Art

Unit of Study: ELL Methods

Unit of Study: Story Board

Reading Response

Karen May Kindergarten through Fourth Grades Mathematics  
Sandra Raciti First and Second Grades Special Education  
Alison Ryan Seventh Grade Mathematics and Science  
Felicia Smith Second Grade General Education

Family Reading Night

Interview with ELL Coordinator

Reading Response: Practicing the Art of Leadership

Yupik Language Loss

Francesca Ogilvie Kindergarten General Education  


group projects

AuthorsScholar Projects
Raquel Kim, Stefanie Labellarte, Alison Ryan Helpful Internet Resources for Teaching ELLs
Raquel Kim, Stefanie Labellarte, Alison Ryan NSSD Language Learning Resource Guide
Raquel Kim, Stefanie Labellarte, Alison Ryan New Teacher Induction Manual
Raquel Kim, Stefanie Labellarte, Alison Ryan Overview: Bilingual, ELL, Dual Language Programs
Raquel Kim, Stefanie Labellarte, Christina Lovering, Alison Ryan Teacher Guide