CPELL M.Ed. Cohort (CPELL-1)


Chicagoland Partners for English Language Learners (CPELL) provides school educators and administrators with a unique opportunity to learn how to better lead multicultural, multilingual schools.  CPELL provides tuition scholarships for participation in the M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership program with an English Language Learners (ELL) focus to teachers and school service personnel in partner schools.  CPELL is distinctive in that it places an emphasis on developing ELL leaders for bilingual students. Students are also eligible to take the Illinois Principal Endorsement Exam.


Students enrolled in the CPELL program receive the multiple benefits of participating in a cohort program at Loyola.  All courses in the program are taught by highly qualified professors.  Students in the cohort attend classes together and benefit from discussing their unique educational and professional experiences.  It is our hope that these students will form lasting professional bonds that will be utilized throughout their careers.  Ideal applicants to the cohort program include those who are interested in becoming leaders at multicultural, multilingual schools.  Please check with CPELL for future cohort opportunities.

*A cohort is a group of students who attend together all of the required courses leading to a degree. Students benefit from networking and bonding with one another during the course of their program. Once a cohort is formed, the students remain together for the duration of their degree program. New students are not admitted to a cohort after it begins, but they may join newly forming cohorts.  The CPELL cohort typically starts every other year.

Scholarship Program   

Currently CPELL scholarships are funded through the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of English Language Acquisition.  Eligible candidates from the four partner districts (Aptakisic-Tripp, Fairview 73, Hawthorn 73, and North Shore 112) receive up to a 50% tuition award towards the 36 hours required to receive an M.Ed. in Instructional Leadership with an ELL focus.


Eligibility for the program includes a bachelor’s degree, valid license, at least two years of teaching or student service personnel experience. All cohort students must be currently employed in one of the four district partner schools

In addition to the requirements listed on the M.Ed. Instructional Leadership Application Requirements page, the letters of recommendation should include one from a building administrator and ideally one from the district office. 

Please check with CPELL for future cohort opportunities.

Contact US   

For more information please e-mail CPELL@luc.edu or call 312-915-6318

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